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According to Hindu philosophy Out of 84 lack yonis in this universe. Human (manav) is considered as the best among all For maintenance of healthy human life lord Brahma have gifted Ayurved before creating the Universe. In 1921 Brahma Charya Ashram Trust was established by Param Pujya swami Dwaraka Duttaji Maharaj in Indore- The nagri of Maa Ahilya, Initially ayurveda course was run by this trust. In the year 1964 this course got affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore (M.P.) India and the degree course was started by the university. By the sincere effort of the staff and leaders of the state, the Madhya Pradesh Government taken over this institution in the year 1972 and the institution named as GOVT. ASHTANG AYURVED COLLEGE- Indore. In the year 1998, for better development it got the status of Autonomous from state govt.

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